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Foundations for Healing - Bowenwork & Holistic Nutrition (Elk Grove and Sacramento)

Supporting Wellness via 3 Pillars of Healing


Neurological, Biochemical, Lifestyle

        Lisa Bryant, MA, SLP, ABP, CNE, ACN

                    Natural Health Practice

Accredited Bowenwork Practitioner

Gentle Bodywork for Natural Healing​​

(Advanced Bowtech Certifications - Level I & II)       

Certified Functional/Holistic Nutritionist

Supporting Wellness & Vitality


Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator 

Whole Foods Nutrition Guidance


Standard Process/MediHerb Practitioner 

Food-Based Nutritional Supplements & Premium Therapeutic Herbs

Bowenwork & Holistic Nutrition in Elk Grove
What is Bowen Therapy?

Foundations for Healing

(Formerly BOWEN by BRYANT)

7822 Edendale Ct.

Elk Grove, CA 95758
p.  (916) 271-3363 ​


Call/Text for Bowenwork/Detox Footbaths

Use Email Links for Nutrition Inquiries

Bowenwork  is perhaps best described as a unique, deeply relaxing and restorative “hands-on” style of bodywork that resets and accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  This gentle, noninvasive healing process manifests in profound physiological changes, including:  alleviating pain/spasm, facilitating recovery from injury/illness, relieving stress/anxiety, enhancing immunity, and bringing the body - any body (from infancy onwards) - to an optimal level of functioning.      



The Original Bowen Technique

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