About Lisa Bryant

Lisa Bryant chose to leave a successful medical career as a speech-language pathologist in pediatric developmental disabilities and adult brain-injury rehabilitation to pursue environmental work in the San Francisco Bay Area in marine preservation.  Her environmental education experience ultimately led to a career in the related natural health field.  In 2004, she opened a natural health practice in the Sacramento area featuring Bowen Therapy along with Cellular Detoxification Footbaths, and added Holistic Nutrition services in 2007.  Specialties in her natural health practice include working with chronic inflammatory conditions, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and blood sugar imbalance, and developing customized nutritional detoxification programs for weight resistance, gut healing and reducing toxic burden.   


After completing undergraduate work in Human Services Psychology and Nutrition Science, and a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Lisa eventually became a “traveling" speech-language pathologist before relocating to England in 1998.  Ultimately, she settled in Northern California where she received advanced credentials from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, followed by Professional Certification in Holistic Nutrition from Bauman College, Berkeley, California.


Motivated by her former work with patients confronting neurodegenerative disease and her own powerful testimonial after receiving Bowenwork, Lisa embarked on a new career aimed at helping clients discover safe alternatives to pain relief and optimal healing through the renowned Bowen Therapeutic Technique, which is complemented by various Holistic Nutrition services.  Lisa offers a unique blend of professional expertise (from formal backgrounds in both conventional and alternative health) in holistic nutrition education, natural healing, pain management and overall health maintenance.  At this time, Bowen Therapy remains a primary healing modality in her natural health practice. 


Lisa’s passion for prevention and wellness is expressed in her health education programs centered around whole foods nutrition and lifestyle changes, such as stress reduction, as key factors for maintaining long-term health.  In her holistic nutrition practice, she enthusiastically educates clients on the benefits of using a whole foods approach to nourishing, healing and cleansing the body.  As an expert in whole foods nutrition, Lisa regularly supports clients striving to manage chronic illness as well as those thriving in wellness.  She emphasizes choosing organically-grown whole foods and food-based nutritional supplements as nature’s best health insurance policy. 

Using Bowenwork, Holistic Nutrition and positive lifestyle choices as primary tools, Lisa works with clients to help them feel good again in their bodies and live more fully.  When clients begin to notice improved ease and vitality, they often develop a greater capacity for implementing self-care routines that help them become even more energetic and vibrant. 

Lisa receives tremendous inspiration from the natural world, with continued involvement in conservation and human health issues, especially non-GMO advocacy.  She has participated in Eastern-influenced spiritual development, practices and studies since her early twenties.  Lisa has spent over three decades as an avid international traveler and world culture aficionado, preferring exploration off the beaten track.  Lisa’s younger brother Michael and his special challenges with Fragile X Syndrome have informed her life’s work immensely.  In her natural health practice, Lisa is deeply moved by the courage, determination and positivity exhibited by so many struggling with disability or difficulty who continue to put their best foot forward to get the most out of life. 


Educational Background, Professional Training & Career Experience:

  • Undergraduate level academic training & clinical work in Health & Human Services - Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia 

       Bachelor’s Degree:  Psychology (Major), Nutrition Sciences (Minor) 

  • Graduate level academic training & clinical work in Hearing & Speech Sciences - University of Maryland 

       Master’s Degree & Professional Fellowship:  Speech-Language Pathology

       Professional Competency Certification:  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

       Former clinical specialties:  pediatric developmental disabilities, adult brain injury rehabilitation & neurogenic swallowing disorders 

       Professionally licensed, full-time career in multiple settings + part-time private practice - Washington, DC metropolitan area & nationwide 

  • Environmental Forum of Marin graduate – Environmental Activism Field Training program (San Francisco Bay Area)

       Former non-profit sector employment in environmental education (marine conservation, wetlands) - Marin County, Northern California

  • Basic, Advanced & Specialized training in The Original Bowen Therapeutic Technique - Greater Sacramento area, California

       Professional Accreditation/Certification:  The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech Certified - Basic and Advanced Levels I & II)

       Sole Proprietor/Practitioner-Owner:  Foundations for Healing - Bowenwork & Holistic Nutrition (Bowenwork practice)

       General Business License (current) + Special Business License (current) - Elk Grove, California

       Periodic voluntary continuing education 


  • Academic training & clinical work in Holistic Nutrition Sciences - Bauman College:  Holistic Nutrition + Culinary Arts, Berkeley, California

       Professional Certification in Holistic Nutrition (Bauman College, Berkeley)

       Sole Proprietor/Practitioner-Owner:  Foundations for Healing - Bowenwork & Holistic Nutrition (Holistic Nutrition practice)

       General Business License (current) - Elk Grove, California 

       Regular voluntary continuing education


  • Formal Functional Clinical Nutrition Training program (currently enrolled):  ACN - Applied Clinical Nutrition (100 hours)                                    Functional Nutrition certification pending (January, 2020) 

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Lisa Bryant, MA, SLP, ABP, NE, ACN (pending)