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Holistic Nutrition Services 

Whole Food Nutritional Supplements of the highest industry standard (by Standard Process of Palmyra, Wisconsin - the leader in organically grown, whole food-based supplements) and Premium Quality Medicinal Herbs (by MediHerb of Australia - sustainable producers of the purest, most potent herbs on the planet) are widely used in this holistic nutrition practice (and by other non-conventional, specialty-trained natural health professionals).  Customized supplement protocols are designed to address individual health concerns and support wellness at a foundational level.  As biocellular beings, we require optimal nutrition at the cellular and biochemical level from nutrients found in concentrated whole foods (not synthetic/laboratory-produced, fractionated "vitamin-like" substances from chemical constituents that create toxicity, disrupt biochemistry and are unrecognizable to the body).  In this pharmaceutical age, the powerful health-promoting effects of whole food-based supplements (developed in 1929 by the late Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process) are surprisingly little known, even among holistic nutrition professionals.  Concentrated whole food supplements support the healthy functioning of every body system and provide nutrients as they are found in nature - in a whole food state with all of their nutritional cofactors intact - to ensure that their natural potency and effectiveness are realized. 










Nutritional Supplement Reviews assess a client's existing nutritional supplement program for toxicity, quality and efficacy of current over-the-counter products being used, as well as assessing their intended purpose, to help ensure the safest and most effective approach to supporting optimal health.


Nutrition Consultations are offered in person and by telephone.  During these visits, your practitioner can share expertise in areas such as providing nutrition education, addressing specific inquiries or concerns, or offering dietary guidance and nutritional recommendations.


Nutrition Assessments formally analyze an individual’s overall health status and related complaints to determine where hidden nutritional deficiencies may be lurking; virtually any symptom can indicate a nutritional deficiency.  Specialized solutions, including dietary modifications and targeted food-based nutritional supplements and herbs are provided to nourish body systems that point toward weakness while creating positive effects on underlying physiology.  Millions of Americans suffering from chronic illness rely on drugs as their only treatment option; however, taking medication may only mask the symptoms of a nutritional deficiency without fully addressing the root of the problem. 


Nutritional Cleansing Programs are balanced, safe, effective approaches for jump-starting healthy weight loss and detoxifying the entire body.  A combination of whole food supplements and an anti-inflammatory food plan supplies the appropriate nourishment needed to support the body during detoxification.  These popular programs include professional guidance and support throughout one's initial experience.  Each customized cleanse kit includes the required whole food supplements needed to complete the detox process.  These programs can fast-track for true lifestyle change and demonstrate how real, whole food supports long-term health.  Formal nutritional cleansing programs of varying durations are often repeated for a dietary reset throughout the year.  Participants' outcomes are highly successful upon program completion... Yes, it's REALLY possible to feel good again!                                      


Gut/Microbiome Restoration Programs are individually customized and designed to support the gastrointestinal tract.  These multi-week programs can help support intestinal dysbiosis (gut flora imbalance), intestinal permeability, autoimmune dysfunction, and lower digestive issues like flatulence, bloating, cramping, IBS, SIBO, SIFO.

10-Day Programs (i.e., Blood Sugar, Inflammation, Female Vitality) - These nutritional programs help support the body's biochemistry by addressing metabolic, anti-inflammatory and hormonal processes, respectively.  They utilize concentrated whole food supplements with a modified whole food dietary plan to help support weight loss, inflammatory issues, healthy blood sugar/blood lipid balance, mental clarity/mood, energy and more. 

Additional customized holistic nutrition services are available to support health and wellness - for those seeking guidance for specific concerns and for others interested in primarily maintaining overall optimal health. 

Foundations for Healing, Sacramento
Standard Process, Foundations for Healing
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