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New Nutrition Inquiries - Intake Process


NEW CLIENT APPOINTMENTS - Policies & Procedures (adult nutrition services):

Please note:  If you’re inquiring about services on behalf a loved one, the required informed consent for services and supplements cannot be given by proxy; consent is required from the person for whom services are intended. Also, for health and safety reasons, products are dispensed only for the client receiving services and are not intended for use by others.


A new client or new health inquiry requires an Assessment or Consult, depending on case complexity.

Please follow the steps below so that we can help you determine if our practice is best suited to address your particular concerns. This process allows us to communicate with new referrals more efficiently while engaged with clients throughout the workday. 

(If you’ve already communicated with your practitioner about beginning services, skip STEPS 1 & 2 below.)

STEP 1 – Initial Inquiry Email: 

Please email your full name, cell phone number and brief summary (up to 250 words/approximately 2 paragraphs) of your top 1-3 current health concerns that you wish to address. If you don’t have email, please send voicemail (to Lisa Bryant at 916/271-3363) and if you don’t use a cell phone, please leave a landline number. Upon receipt of your email, you’ll receive a text or phone call to schedule an introductory phone conversation (below).

STEP 2 – Complimentary Introductory Call: 

After receiving your email, you’ll be contacted ASAP to schedule a 15-minute complimentary Introductory Call [billable if exceeding 15 minutes]. This brief telephone conversation helps prospective clients determine if Foundations for Healing is a good match for their current needs. Nutritional advice is not dispensed during this call. For questions about services, fees, practice location, business hours, etc., please review this website as the Introductory Call is best used to discuss your current health concern(s).

STEP 3 – Intake Paperwork & Scheduling: 

If you feel we are a good fit for you and you’d like to proceed with our services, you’ll receive the initial intake paperwork, including required documents such as an Informed Consent and Nutritional Health History form. Intake forms must be completed and
returned in order to receive nutrition services/products. Your practitioner needs to review all completed paperwork before an initial appointment can be scheduled.

Options for returning completed intake forms:
- Surface mail documents to Lisa Bryant, 7822 Edendale Court, Elk Grove, CA 95758
- Submit hard copies in person at a prior appointment for another service
- Scan electronic copies of completed paperwork and email to

Submitting lab results

In some cases, a review of lab tests may be indicated. If you already possess current lab reports (within the past 12 months), please print hard copies if possible, or email them to . Labs cannot be reviewed by your practitioner by text or directly from your smart phone screen. If recent labs are not available, it is not necessary to undergo new lab work prior to your appointment; labs will be discussed as needed. 

(Disclaimer: Lab reports are not reviewed for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment in this practice. If lab reports are deemed useful to the case at hand, they are viewed only as a means of informal analysis, as an adjunct for gathering health information, and for detecting general patterns of imbalance as related to overall health. Lab results in this context are not used for thorough clinical analyses; this falls under the domain of a licensed healthcare provider.)  

Scheduling a Nutrition Appointment: After all completed forms are received and reviewed, you’ll be contacted ASAP to schedule an initial appointment. (There may be a wait list for nutrition appointments.)

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