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Rates & Payment

PAYMENT METHODS:  Cash, Check, Credit/Debit (5% processing fee), Zelle Electronic Payments, Payment Plans (Nutrition Services)

Bowen Therapy:

  • Bowenwork session (Adult): $100

Cellular Detox Footbaths:

  • Standard Cellular Cleanse Detox Footbath: $45 (approximately 30-minute appointment)

  • Extended Cellular Cleanse Detox Footbath: $55 (approximately 45-minute appointment)


Gift Certificates:

  • Adult Bowen Therapy session: $90

  • Standard Cellular Detox Footbath: $45

Nutritional/Herbal Supplements:  Prices vary according to manufacturer/professional distributor

Adult Nutrition Program Rates (Variable):  


A Nutrition Program refers to a specific protocol or program that typically covers a certain length of time for a specific purpose, such as supporting Gut Permeability, Gut/Microbiome Restoration, Nutritional Cleansing, Post-Surgery/Injury, Blood Sugar Balance, etc. Because nutrition programs are customized for each individual, rates for Holistic Nutrition Programs are variable. An estimate of the base price for a specific program will be provided in advance. Program pricing includes any consultation fees or service charges in addition to the supplements required to begin the program. Additional supplements may be required depending on case complexity and program duration. 

Adult Nutrition Consultation Rates:


Please Note:

- Pricing for products and services is subject to change without notice.

- Additional charges may apply for extra time utilized that extends beyond the scheduled nutrition appointment.

- Consultation rates inherently reflect practitioner time spent on a nutrition case outside of the actual appointment. If additional    time is required on the backend, due to case complexity, a Case Review charge may apply to a consult with client permission.  

  • Introductory Call: Complimentary – up to 15 minutes ($3 per minute after the initial 15 minutes).

This brief telephone conversation helps prospective clients determine if Foundations for Healing is a good match for their current needs. The Introductory Call is best used to discuss your current health concern(s). Nutritional advice is not dispensed during this call. A 15-minute complimentary Introductory Call is scheduled ASAP once the Initial Inquiry Email is received. (Please see “New Nutrition Inquiries - Intake Process" webpage for how to initiate nutrition services.)


  • Functional Nutrition Assessment: $295.00 – 90-minutes

Assessments encompass a comprehensive review of nutritional needs for new clients/new inquiries from a functional nutrition perspective with personalized recommendations for appropriate holistic support (i.e., diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine). Assessments may include any of the following activities: review of current health concern(s), overall health history, nutritional health history, medications, medical records & lab tests; case research; client interview; dietary analysis; body systems survey & targeted health questionnaires (i.e., digestion, stress, toxicity); in-office holistic nutrition assessments & take-home lab tests; nutritional supplement review; supplement protocol development; oral Report of Findings; program summary; basic level recommendations & further assessment recommendations; collaborative support plan & outside referrals. Follow-up appointment(s) may be needed to complete assessment activities (see "Follow-up" consults below).


  • Nutrition Consult/Targeted Issue: $195.00 – 60-minutes

These specific types of consults typically address a single, straightforward concern that may not require a comprehensive assessment or complex protocol. This appointment may cover an abridged assessment, protocol development and specific recommendations.


  • Nutrition Consult/Follow-up/Case Review:  Regular or periodic follow-up is important for health maintenance and age-related concerns. Follow-up Consults are especially warranted when monitoring or ongoing supervision is necessary for chronic illness or complex cases. Although Case Reviews naturally occur as part of a Follow-up, your practitioner may need to review your case in-between visits with your permission, depending on case complexity.

    • $170 – 60-minute appointment - At the beginning of a nutrition program, 60-minute Follow-ups may be required until the case is more established, depending on case complexity.

    • $130 – 45-minute appointment

    • $ 85 – 30-minute appointment – Typically, more established cases can be scheduled for 30-minute Follow-ups, depending on case complexity.

    • $ 45 – for 15-minute increments, including:

- Brief Consult: brief in-person consult or phone call for a quick check-in/update, whether formal (prescheduled) or      informal (unscheduled/spontaneous) with your permission

- Brief Overlapping Consult: brief informal (unscheduled/spontaneously occurring) nutrition consult that overlaps        another service (i.e., during a Cellular Detox Footbath, or tacked onto a Bowenwork session)

- Lab Results Review (if a stand-alone service)

- In-Office Testing: brief hands-on nutritional test occurring as a stand-alone service

- Phone Call: brief phone call to address a query/concern, whether formal (prescheduled) or informal (unscheduled)    with client permission

- Email Communication: multiple, complex or long emails (over 250 words/approximately 2 average-length          paragraphs)

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