Please note: Pricing for services & products may be subject to change without notice.

Bowen Therapy:

  • Adult Bowenwork session: $80

  • Pediatric Bowenwork session (under 13 years): $70

  • Infant Bowenwork session (under 12 months): $50

Functional (Holistic) Nutrition Services:                                                             


  • Functional (Holistic) Nutrition Assessments: Initial flat rate of $120 (minimum charge) followed by a charge of $2 per minute after initial 60 minutes. May include: intake process; case review, research and analysis; protocol development; nutritional supplement review, in-office nutritional testing; formal in-person or phone consultation; oral Report of Findings; printed support materials. 


  • Standard Nutrition Consultation: Initial flat rate of $30 (minimum charge) followed by a charge of $2 per minute after initial 15 minutes. May include: case review, research and analysis; protocol development; nutritional supplement review; in-office nutritional testing; formal (pre-planned/pre-scheduled) nutrition consultation (in-person or by phone). 

  • Brief Nutrition Consultation: Reserved for brief consults with a flat rate of $30 (minimum charge) for a 15-minute appointment/interaction. A charge of $2 per minute follows if consult exceeds 15 minutes. May include: in-office nutritional testing, brief Informal (spontaneous) nutrition consults, brief informal (spontaneous) nutrition consults overlapping another service (i.e., Bowenwork or Detox Footbath sessions).   

  • Follow-Up Appointments: Initial flat rate of $60 (minimum charge) followed by a charge of $2 per minute after initial 45 minutes. Regular or periodic follow-up appointments are necessary in cases where monitoring and/or protocol modifications are indicated. Additional professional support often is required for ongoing, chronic, prolonged and complex cases.  


  • Rates vary by program; contact practitioner for more info


Nutritional/Herbal Supplements:   

  • Prices vary according to manufacturer/professional distributor

Cellular Detox Footbaths:

  • Standard Cellular Cleanse Detox Footbath session: $40 (approximately 30 minute visit)

  • Extended Cellular Cleanse Detox Footbath session: $50 (approximately 45 minute visit)

  • Series of 10 (consecutive weekly sessions): Receive a complimentary Standard session after completing a series (of 10 sessions) 

Gift Certificates:

  • Bowen Therapy (Adult session): $80

  • Cellular Detox Footbath (Standard session): $40

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