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Further Explanation of The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is considered a truly holistic approach to healing – treating the body as a total functioning unit.  In a Bowen session, all bodily systems and organs are addressed, down to the cellular level, as the body undergoes the overall process of restored function and balance.  Additional procedures may be applied to address specific complaints, such as a new injury, while the client still receives a total-body treatment.


Highly subtle, yet profound, Bowen Therapy is a noninvasive healing modality.  Bowen practitioners use a surprisingly light touch when sending specific signals to the body; lighter pressure is required when addressing the nervous system in this manner. In most cases, there is no need for additional pressure when performing Bowen moves, yet powerful results and deep relaxation are still achieved.


Many clients eventually discover Bowenwork after trying other healing methods with limited success, especially regarding pain issues.  Although Bowenwork is widely used for physical pain relief, countless other benefits are known.  Bowen regularly addresses acute, chronic and degenerative problems, as well as mental, emotional, hormonal and energetic difficulties.  After a Bowen session, nearly everyone experiences a pleasant, relaxed state and sense of ease and well-being.  Bowen also is used often as a means of stimulating gentle detoxification processes; detoxification is one of several healing systems in the body that is activated by Bowenwork.


Bowen is revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.  In the U.S., prominent medical and academic institutions recognize Bowen as an effective alternative to conventional therapies.  It is safe for all ages, mobility levels and stages of health.  Essentially, Bowen Therapy restores the client to an optimal state of health, appropriate to their individual level of functioning.


A unique healing modality unto itself, The Bowen Technique is not derived from any other type of therapy.  It is also referred to as Bowenwork, Bowen Therapy, The Bowen Method and The Bowen Therapeutic Technique.  The Original Bowen Technique constitutes the original repertoire of Bowen moves and procedures conceived by the late Thomas Ambrose Bowen of Australia.  The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia is the leading accreditation institute which preserves the integrity of Bowenwork and teaches it in its pure, original form, as developed and explained by Mr. Bowen.

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Sacramento Bowen Therapy
Sacramento Bowen Therapy
Sacramento Bowen Therapy
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