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The Bowen Therapeutic Technique

The Bowen Technique is a unique, deeply relaxing hands-on type of bodywork that produces rapid, long-lasting results, including permanent outcomes in many cases.  It is extremely effective for reducing pain and spasm (and works to keep the body out of spasm).  This noninvasive healing method resets and accelerates the body’s ability to heal, which facilitates recovery from injury and illness.  Additionally, Bowen Therapy significantly relieves stress and anxiety and promotes natural detoxification processes in the body for supporting immune function. 

In a Bowen session, the practitioner applies very precise gentle, rolling movements along connective tissue (i.e., fascia), muscle and nerve bundles in specific sequences (tailored to the individual's concerns).  As the Bowen practitioner manually sends these specific signals to the autonomic nervous system (which controls over 80% of body functions), powerful bodily responses are elicited.  As the body is being "programmed" to downregulate to a more balanced, restorative state, all of its healing systems are activated.  Although most of the "Bowen moves" are not made with deep pressure (to avoid overstimulating nerve tissue and over-activating the nervous system), Bowen is actually working at a very deep level!


Bowenwork is usually received while lying on a comfortable bodywork table in a soothing environment; however, any positioning modifications are implemented as needed.  Bowen can be applied directly over skin (as in the traditional method), or it can be performed over lightweight, loose clothing


For best results when beginning Bowenwork, an initial phase of therapy usually is necessary for chronic issues and generally consists of 3-5 Bowen sessions spaced about a week apart.  Acute conditions typically require less time.    

Bowen Therapy originated in Australia in the 1950s from Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) and arrived in the U.S. (Auburn, California) in the late 1980s.  Bowen is recognized worldwide for its ability to effectively relieve pain and promote healing on all levels.  (Learn more about Bowenwork on subsequent pages.)

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