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Ionic Cleanse / Cellular Detoxification Footbath


Cellular Detoxification Footbath technology was designed to address the negative effects of toxic buildup in the body, especially for harmful heavy metals, which continually accumulate in our tissues from contaminants in our air, food, water and environment.  Cellular detoxification in general is vital for health. 

For use with Bowenwork: 

In this natural health practice, Cellular Detox Footbaths are offered as a separate service to Bowenwork.  They are highly compatible when received alongside Bowen Therapy as an adjunct to support the release of toxins (or they can be used

as a stand-alone service). 

Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Foundations for Healing
Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Foundations for Healing


Ionic Cleansing Described: 

All cells and organs need adequate energy to function properly.  According to electrical energy measurements, healthy cellular function (i.e., for nutrient absorption and waste discharge) registers between 70-90 millivolts.  However, our current exposure to the exorbitant amount of toxins in our environment is unprecedented and unbalanced, and the body's innate cleansing capabilities become overburdened.  As toxic residues build up, cells cannot operate at peak efficiency and their overall functioning diminishes.  For example, stressed and damaged cells, such as (i.e., cancer cells) measure at only 10-20 millivolts of electrical energy.  Compromised cell function results in poor nutrient absorption and inadequate cellular waste discharge, eventually contributing to chronic illness as systems and organs breakdown. 


The Detox Footbath device utilized in this practice produces a direct micro-current of 300-400 millivolts (from an internal battery-operated energy source) which creates an energy field similar to that produced by the human body.  This new bio-available energy helps to move cells toward homeostasis (a healthy state of equilibrium) and their natural frequency (or energetic vibration).  Increased cellular vibration from the ionic energy field helps to restore and normalize the body's pH and energy levels.  The cellular cleansing process is also enhanced because the energy field functions like a magnet that draws negative and positive ions together.  This helps negate the harmful effects of free radicals and other toxins by assisting in their elimination (toxins can become dislodged at an increased rate). 


Before each session, sea salt is added to the footbath water as a conduit for exchanging (negative and positive) ions.  Within seconds of placing one’s feet in clear warm water, millions of ions recharge the body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes.  Over the course of a session, the resulting dramatic water color change is visual confirmation of the detoxification process.  


Supporting Health:  

Clinical testing after Detox Footbath sessions shows a substantial increase in muscular relaxation, range-of-motion and strength, which indicates increased cellular energy, according to manufacturer's reports.  Any increase in cellular energy has the potential for improving health.  Other reported anecdotal changes include improved sleep, increased energy and stamina, reduced infections (i.e., fungal, bacterial), decreased inflammation and swelling (i.e., fewer arthritic symptoms, reduced allergy and sinus problems), clearer skin, and diminished aches and pains (i.e., relief from headaches and reduced pain or burning sensation in the feet).  In this practice, Detox Footbaths often are used to provide support for lower extremity pain or swelling and to help reduce toxic burden. 

Session Frequency

Receiving a single Detox Footbath is a great start, although additional sessions can be more beneficial due to a lifetime of toxic buildup.  A series of 10 sessions (with either 1 or 2 Detox Footbaths scheduled weekly -- depending on the individual) is a general guideline for those seeking a more comprehensive cellular cleansing program.  

Consumer Alert: 

Detoxification Footbath machines provide varying levels of performance.  Consumers, unknowingly, may receive substandard service from inexpensive and inefficient models.  Ideally, the Detox Footbath device should be a professional level device from a reputable U.S. manufacturer with dual polarity that operates at effective frequency ranges.  Please Note: Any form of health assessment based solely on the water color from a Detox Footbath is considered scientifically unfounded and clinically inappropriate.

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